Publication History

tiny splashes
Cactus Heart Press August 2012

Nothing No one Nowhere August 2012

Stars in Her Eyes
Her Kind September 2012

The Reevaluation of the Roles of Women in Beowulf
Student Pulse October 2012

A Hollow Forest, Singing
Foliate Oak November 2012

On a Japanese Street
Brick Rhetoric November 2012

For You
Citron Review November 2012

At the Station
Bohemian Press January 2013

A Cat in the Rain
Crossed Out Magazine February 2013

Dagda Publishing February 2013

Hello Baby Doll
Foliate Oak Magazine March 2013

These Clean Scars
Embodied Effigies Magazine September 2013

On Being Naked
The Pavilion September 2013

Most Adorable Croissant
Three and a Half Point Nine July 2014

The Rail to Sacile
Burrow Press Review September 2014

These Gnarled Shingles Never Soothe
Driftwood Press September 2014

Eating is Dangerous
If and Only If February 2015

Waiting for Oceans to Mourn After the Rain
Subprimal Poetry Press May 2015

Kushu Air Raid
Dirty Chai Magazine November 2015

Tuesday is a Crab
Arsenic Press

The Man in the River
Oyster River Pages

Lamentations for Our Cruel Hearts
The Voices Project May 2016

Buttermilk Sky
Gambling the Aisle Press November 2016

365 Tomorrows April 2017

Morning is a Thief
Infinite Magazine October 2017

Old Sparrow and Snow
Nature Writing November 2017

A Pain Killer for Monotony
Night Terrors and Daymares June 2018

To Sleep as a River
Origami Poetry Project February 2018

White Horse Mountain
Whisper Song of Summer

Poetry Pacific May 2018

The Fortune Follies
Double Dragon Publishing April 2018
First Place Winner of the Cygnus Award in Science Fiction, 2019
Reader’s Favorite Book Review Five Star Recipient

Voice of Eve October 2018

The Raven’s Perch November 2018

Carnival Panic
Corvus Quill Press. July 2019

Kops-Fetherling International Book Awards Silver Award, 2019
Shortlist on the Drunken Druid International Book Awards, 2020
Literary Titan Silver Award, 2020

Equity and Special Education: Including Students with Special Needs into Japanese Public Education
World Congress on Education July 2019

The Benefits of Equity and English: Special Needs Inclusion in Japanese Education
International Journal of Technology and Inclusive Education (IJTIE) Volume 9, Issue 1 December 2019.

Special Education in Japan
ALT Training Online, Japan.
July, 2020