Author Biography

After growing up in the Pacific Northwest, Catori Sarmiento’s travels while being a military spouse have often inspired her unique writing style. Although she began writing at an early age, it was not until she began writing poetry during her time as a University of Maryland student that she decided to seriously pursue professional writing. She went on to study writing in a graduate program at National University of San Diego while also living in Tokyo, Japan. Upon graduation, she began writing what would become a first place Cygnus Award winning novel, The Fortune Follies. A year later, her next novel, Carnival Panic was published and went on to be a Silver Award winner of the Literary Titan Book Award as well as a Silver Award winner of the Kops-Fetherling International Book Awards. Her third book, Darkness in a Sky of Embers was published with Three Ravens Publishing. Her recent manuscript But the Wicked Shall Perish is a finalist for the 2021 Chanticleer Paranormal Book Awards and is forthcoming from Running Wild & RIZE. Her newest novel, When We Were Flowers was released February 2023. As a poet, Catori has contributed poetry to a wide variety of publications with her most recent poetry being included in The Literatus and Voice of Eve.

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