The Fortune Follies: Novel


2018 First Place Cygnus Award in Science Fiction


After the end of World War Two, American society is recuperating from the human loss of war, an uneven social system, and a massive corporation that has caused a technological boom.

Seeing a new opportunity, Sarah Igarashi departs from her home on the coast of Alaska to meet her cousin in Seattle where she stumbles to find her place in a new city filled with otherworldly technologies and ideals. Soon, Sarah finds herself drawn to a socialist cause and endeavors to propagate social change, even at the cost of her personal safety.

Penelope Morgan is an outwardly confident sixteen-year-old who is quite comfortable navigating through a rapidly changing society while also pursuing a singing career.  In her vigor to become a singer, she has agreed to assist her cousin George, his wife Catherine, and his father in their clandestine business ventures, often serving as an information courier in exchange for nightclub gigs. As Penny becomes more entwined in the criminal actions of the family business, she must make the choice between helping Sarah or achieving her dream

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