Lamentations for Our Cruel Hearts

Lamentations for Our Cruel Hearts

鉢の人 刺し
hachi no hito sashi
One Who Stings as a Bee

Tenderness provokes,
as a switch on knucklebones,
a biting temper.

In visceral play
we absorb each other’s tongues,
unable to stop.

All our wounds in front;
It is because we are friends
that I fight like the devil.

i tai do shin
Harmony of Mind

At the sun’s first blush,
laying on tatami mats,
hands on hands may touch.

A small affection
thick with imagination
raises my rapture.

Words may always lie
as we suffer to discern truth.

In death we share the same heart

Lamentations for Our Cruel Hearts

The above link is to my poem published by The Voices Project. While the initial idea for the poem happened quickly, it took nearly a year to refine it into its final form. I was inspired to use Japanese along with English to convey the raw and conflicting emotions of the poem’s subject.